How to install bun in debian distros?

The bun is a new run time environment for javascript blazing fast

Rajdeep Singh
Rajdeep Singh

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The bun is a new javascript run time environment in the beta stage. The bun is only available for testing and not for deployment. You can easily install bun in your system like Windows, Linux or macOS.

Install the bun in Debian

curl | bash
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The output of the command.

Install bun

According to the curl output, you add the path in .bashrc the file. You edit .bashrc file with nano or any other IDE or editor.

nano .bashrc
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After your .bashrc file is open in your nano editor. Now you paste the bun configuration code into the .bashrc file.

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The bun path configuration is always different for everyone. Your bun configuration is shown in the output of the curl command. You copy your bun configuration and paste it.

How to save the .bashrc file in nano?

  1. First, press ctrl + o commands
  2. In the second step, you hit enter.
  3. Then ctrl + x close the nano editor.

Now your .bashrc file is saved.

How to check bun is installed in my operating system?

To check the bun installation, you run the bun version and help the command for verification.

bun --version
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bun --help
bun: a fast bundler, transpiler, JavaScript Runtime and package manager for web software.

  dev       ./a.ts ./b.jsx        Start a bun Dev Server
  bun       ./a.ts ./b.jsx        Bundle dependencies of input files into a .bun

  create    next ./app            Start a new project from a template (bun c)
  run       test                  Run JavaScript with bun, a package.json script, or a bin
  install                         Install dependencies for a package.json (bun i)
  add       @compiled/react       Add a dependency to package.json (bun a)
  remove    backbone              Remove a dependency from package.json (bun rm)

  upgrade                         Get the latest version of bun
  completions                     Install shell completions for tab-completion
  discord                         Open bun's Discord server
  help                            Print this help menu
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The bun is a game change run time environment for javascript. I know bun is a beta stage. Shortly, the bun is successfully implanted in the javascript world. Then it changes the entire javascript ecosystem.