How to Record sound in Ubuntu?

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Sometimes we need to record sound in ubuntu. In Windows and macOS, many apps provide proper record functionality. But in ubuntu, you can achieve similar functionality with one app.

If You are a teacher and YouTuber, you need a sound recorder for your work. You need to install the Sound Recorder Debian-based app.

 sudo apt update
 sudo apt install gnome-sound-recorder

Sound-recorder app comes with a simple and modern UI interface. You can easily understand the UI dashboard interface.

The Sound-recorder app comes with basic settings. You can change it according to your requirements.

How to run a sound recorder in ubuntu?

You can run the sound recorder with command-line and with ubuntu UI.

For command line


With the UI interface

Show applications > click search bar > type the sound recorder > open first app.

How to uninstall the sound recorder in ubuntu?

 sudo apt remove --purge gnome-sound-recorder


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