Install Node js and Npm latest Version on Raspberry Pi 4?

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Hey Everyone, my name is Rajdeep Singh. I’m a Front-end developer in India. you are interested to install npm and node.js latest version in your raspberry pi 4. then you are right place.

Now follow these steps.


  1. Update & Upgrade your pi
  2. ARM Version
  3. Go to Offical Nodejs
  4. Copy Link
  5. Extract The File
  6. Copy The Files Into The Directory
  7. Check Installation

Update & Upgrade your Pi

fastly update your raspi 4 using update commands

sudo apt-get update

after the update command, you run the upgrade command to upgrade your Raspi package.

sudo apt-get upgrade

ARM Version:

Now you check your raspi 4 arm architecture. so that we install node js and npm according to your arm architecture.

Check ARM architecture use the following command.

uname -m

Currently in my Raspberry armv7l Architecture in your case may be different.

Output Arm architecture

Go to Offical NodeJS:

Firstly goto node js official download page.

node.js official webpage

Once open node js download page. then Right-click on Linux Binaries (ARM) version and copy the link address.

  • Without command:

Goto node js download page and click to ARMV7 button. after a few seconds you download start it.

  • With Command ( Recommended ):

My arm Architecture is armv7l. so that, I copy ARMV7 Link Address. In Your case, your ARM Architecture armv81. so that you copy ARMV8 Link Address

wget paste-your-link

My example


Extract The File:

Once downloaded Completed now Extract your file. you are extracting files by Raspbian File manager and secondly, use the tar command according to your mind.

Your file looks like this:

tar -xzf node-vXX.XX.X-linux-armvXl.tar.gz

In my example my file name:

tar -xzf node-v14.15.4-linux-armv7l

if you face any error use the Raspbian File manager to extract the File.

Copy The Files Into The Directory:

run node js with any directory we need to copy all extracted files into the "/usr/local" folder.

Your file looks like this:

tar -xzf node-vXX.XX.X-linux-armvXl.tar.gz

Go to your extracted folder:

cd node-v14.15.4-linux-armv7l

After entering your folder then copy all files, we use the cp command. The “-R” flag is to signify to the program to copy all the files recursively, i.e include all files within folders. “*” just means to copy everything in the folder.

sudo cp -R * /usr/local/

Check Installation:

Now your Node js and npm are successfully Installed. now you verify your node and npm version. the simply run the following commands

node -v
npm -v

All work fine, you see node and npm versions.

If you run into any issues, just leave us a comment down below and we will try to help you guys!


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