Test internet speed in ubuntu and raspberry pi 4 with CLI tool

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Speedtest cli helps to tell the current internet speed in your terminal. Speed test cli is a terminal-based tool that helps test internet speed on your laptop, PC, etc. The speed test tool was designed and developed by Ookla. Speed test gives you all test results in your terminal. So You do not open the browser. Instead, go to the website and with for the internet speed result.

You use my article also work with Debian base all distros.

There are two ways to install speed test cli in raspberry pi four and ubuntu.

  1. Official command support
  2. With snap

Official command support

The official command provides by a speed test. In the first step, you run two commands. the first command is the curl command, and the second is an apt-get command.


Curl command help to step speed test installer and fetch all required file locally.

curl -s https://install.speedtest.net/app/cli/install.deb.sh | sudo bash
Install speed test in ubuntu and raspberry pi 4 command 1


Apt-get help to set up your local speed test installer package in ubuntu and raspberry pi 4.

sudo apt-get install speedtest
Install speed test in ubuntu and raspberry pi 4 command 2

How to uninstall or remove the speed test with the apt-get command?

sudo apt-get purge speedtest
Uninstall or remove speed test in Ubuntu and Raspberry pi 4.

With snap

You run the snap command with the speed test package. Then, snap cli automatic setup everything for you.

sudo snap install speed-test

How to uninstall or remove the speed test with snap?

sudo snap remove  --purge speedtest 

How to test whether the speed test is installed or not?





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