What Are HTML Attributes?

HTML Attribute Provides Additional Information.

What Are HTML Attributes?

HTML tags can also have their Attributes, which are Contain Some Extra Information.

In most cases, attributes are defined in name="value" pairs, and they are always declared in the opening tag.

Note: Attribute And Data Attribute not be Some.

  • <html>:this Opening Tag. Always Declare Attribute Inside Opening Tag.
  • </html>:this Closing Tag. Never Be Declare Attribute inside Closing Tag.

They look like:

<tag attribute="value" attribute1="value1">Content Here </tag>.
HTML Attribute Syntax.


<p align="center">This is paragraph</p>

<b style="color: red" >Bold text</b>

<button onclick="changeColor()">Click </button>
HTML Attribute Example.

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