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Rajdeep singh

In 2021, I will be completing my Master of Science degree in Biotechnology, marking the culmination of an incredible journey that began after completing my 12th-grade studies and acquiring my first Android mobile phone.

It was through the use of my mobile phone that I stumbled upon a transformative YouTube video, introducing me to the world of programming and teaching me the fundamentals of building websites using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

That single video had an immense impact on my life. During my undergraduate studies, I actively pursued opportunities and secured my first internship, as well as a freelance position at a company focused on frontend development.

In my role as a frontend developer, I was responsible for the conversion of PNG designs into functional HTML and CSS code, allowing me to contribute to the visual aspect of web development.

After two years, I was fortunate enough to be selected by a new company where I joined a small team. It was there that I encountered a wonderful mentor who introduced me to the comprehensive realm of frontend development, guiding me through its intricacies from A to Z.

During my second job, I ventured into the field of technical writing, embarking on a new aspect of my career. Along this path, I achieved significant milestones, including the publication of my first book on Linux and the presentation of a research paper through OSF.

Building upon my writing endeavors, I delved further into my passion for knowledge sharing and published an additional book on bioinformatics. Furthermore, I began contributing weekly articles to prominent platforms such as Medium, freeCodeCamp, and various other publications.

This journey has been an extraordinary one, where my love for programming, frontend development, and writing converged, leading me to where I am today. As I approach the completion of my Master's degree, I eagerly anticipate the future opportunities that await me in the exciting world of biotechnology.

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