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Best way to install zoom in your ubuntu

Install zoom in your Ubuntu ( 22.04 ) with easy ways

By zoom-on-ubuntu 2 min read

Now there are lots of people using zoom for meetings. Today I will tell you the best ways to install zoom in your ubuntu.

I use snap to install zoom in my ubuntu. Most of the time, my zoom application is crashes. It is so frustrating for me.

So I used the official zoom package app and installed zoom in ubuntu. There are two ways to install zoom in your ubuntu.

  1. With the help of UI
  2. Command-line

With the help of UI

There is two-step involved in installing zoom in your ubuntu.

  1. Download zoom application
  2. Install application

Download zoom application

You go to the zoom official page and download the zoom application file in the first step.

download zoom application  for ubuntu

Install application

In the second step, you go to the download folder and run the application installer by pressing the mouse right-click, clicking again open with other application buttons, and click the Install software button.

Steps > Open file with the mouse right-click on file > open with other application > Install software.

After some seconds next screen is a popup, and click the install button. Your application installation process is starting.


There is two-step to install the zoom on the command line.

  1. Install with wget command
  2. Install application with dpkg command

Install with wget command

In the first step, we download the zoom application file with wget command.

wget https://zoom.us/client/latest/zoom_amd64.deb -O zoom.deb

Install application with dpkg command

Your file is installed in a local download folder and goes to the folder. Then run the following command.

sudo dpkg -i  zoom.deb

After the command successfully runs in your terminal, your zoom application is installed.

How to Uninstall zoom in ubuntu?

You run the following command to remove the zoom application.

sudo apt remove --purge zoom


I'm not recommended to snap to install zoom. Because of a lot of time, your zoom application is crashes, and your user experience is not so good.

Suppose you install a Debian-based zoom application in your ubuntu. I strongly recommend installing the app directly and not using any third-party package manager like snap or flatpak.