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How to create a react app with pnpm

Creating an app with pnpm in less time as compared to yarn and npm.

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Currently, PNPM is the best node package manager in the javascript world. It is super fast to install packages and create new applications. It takes less time to compare yarn and pnpm. With pnpm, you can easily create react app with the following command.

pnpm create react-app react-app

create react app with pnpm

Using the following command, you can create a typescript app base on react app with pnpm.

pnpm create react-app react-app --template typescript

You can also pass on additional options as a flag with create react app to check other information about cli.


  1. -V, --version output the current version of creating react-app
  2. --verbose print additional logs in your terminal
  3. --info print environment debug info
  4. --scripts-version use a non-standard version of react-scripts
  5. --template specify a template for the created project
  6. -h, --help output usage information

-V, --version

You can check the version of create react app.

version of react app


Check the system information like CPU, OS, PNM, YARN, and NPM.

react app info


Read about the cli command option.

react app help