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Featured Image Does Not Load After Installing SSL In Bitnami

In My New Blog Post, We Learn How to Resolve Error In Ghost Featured Image does not load after installing SSL In Bitnami.

By ghost-cms 2 min read

Lets Start

There are two steps:

  1. Access your Ghost instance
  2. Enable Firewalls

Access your Ghost instance

GCP Dashboard


Click SSH


Open Your Instances

Enable Firewalls

Enable Firewalls

When Your Instance Webpage, Open In Your Web browser. Then Go To Scroll Down Find Firewalls Section And Enable Both Firewalls.

After You Allow Https Or Http Request On Your Domain and After install SSL. Suppose You Do Not Enable Firewalls. You show error InSide GCP. Make Sure You Enable Firewalls Then Install SSL.



Change Https In Side Your config.production.json File


After You Change the URL In Your Website, you See an Image Success Render on Your website With an Absolute Path with SSL.