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How To Configure SSL Certificate In Ghost CMS With Bitnami on Google Cloud Platform?

if You are Interested To Add SSL Certificate to Ghost CMS Blog. Then You Are rght place. You are Follow My Ghost Article Series. You Install the Ghost CMS blog Use Bitnami. Bitnami Provide a Tool For You add SSL Certificate With Few click.

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Lets Start

There are 2 steps

  1. Access your Ghost instance
  2. Auto-Configure With Bitnami

Access your Ghost instance

GCP Dashboard


Click SSH


Auto-Configure With Bitnami

The Bitnami bncert Tool is a command-line tool for configuring mainly HTTPS certificates on Your Website. The Bitnami bncert Tool also provides some common features such as automatic renewals and redirection (e.g., HTTP to HTTPS).

This tool is located in the installation directory of the stack at /opt/bitnami.

sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool

Firstly Paste Cmd In Your SSH Terminal Click To Enter. After bncert-tool Ask you Information.

  1. Enter Your Domain List[]: officialrajdeepsingh.dev www.officialrajdepsingh.dev
  2. Enable http to https redirection [y/n]:y
  3. Enable non www to www redirection [y/n]:y
  4. Enable www to non-www redirection [y/n]:n
  5. you agree to these change [y/n]:y
  6. e-mal address []: enter your email here
  7. do you agree to let's encrypt subscriber agreement? [y/n]:y
  8. Press enter : Click enter Button

If You Don't Understand, Then Follow Youtube Video. All Steps Same:


If You Follow My article.You Definite Configure SSL Certificate In Ghost CMS. If you have Any Problems or Errors, Contact Me. I try to help and solve your problem.