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How to create web stories on Ghost CMS

The google web story helps websites to grow very fast. We enable AMP web stories on your website for free in the post.

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Web stories are new ways to represent the availability on google. Google story power by the amp. With amp, you create a powerful full presentation with animation and super fast.

Tons of features come with the amp. But we do not discuss the amp feature here. This article tries to integrate amp google web story with your ghost cms blog website.



  1. Own register domain
  2. Visual stories An account

For integration, you need only two requirements which I mention above.

Own register domain

You need a domain and whatever domain provider to buy your domain, i.e., GoDaddy, google domain, etc.

Visual stories An account

Visual stories is a website that helps create amp web stories for you. The visual story provides an amp-video editor.



  1. Create account
  2. Open Dashboard
  3. Click Create Blog
  4. Fill Website details

Create account

First, you go to visual stories and complete the sign up process with email and google. The sign up process is straightforward.

Sign up process

Visual stories send an email for verification.

Sent Verification email

Confirm your email

Verification email

Now your account is created on the visual stories website.

Open Dashboard

Successfully create an account on a website. Click to navbar and click create a blog.

Dashboard by visualstories.com

Click Create Blog

To create an amp story on the visual stories website, you need to create a blog app. In the blog app, you create and manage your website in one place.

Create a blog for amp story

Fill Website details

Fill in your blog details in the input section. in 9 steps, you have a two options

  1. Subfolder
  2. Subdomain

Subfolder you create a folder on the website. Make sure the folder name is the same and in both places. In the subfolder, you create a folder own yourself and handle everything yourself.

Subdomain (Recommended) In the subdomain section, you add a name of a subdomain. Where your all web story is server. Subdomain creates with all configuration handled by visual stories automate.

For my blog, I create a subdomain. you check all my web stories on my subdomain. https://stories.officialrajdeepsingh.dev/ you do not need to add any other configurations on your website. Every handle by visual stories dashboard.

Site config

In 11 steps, you provide the article's website name, description, and language.

Site config

17 step is a very confusing step for beginners to know the basics of domain configuration. You can easily handle it.

Site config

After adding, all configuration in the domain provides and click on the continue button. Now visual website checks the configuration of the domain. Everything is fine. The visual story website creates a subdomain itself.

Under review

After your account is reviewed, your account is approved if everything is fine in one day.

Success full message

Confirmation email After receiving a confirmation email, start creating and managing your web store with the dashboard.


How to create a story on visual stories website?

  1. Go inside dashboard
  2. Go to your blog app (which is approved)
  3. Click create story link

Create a new amp Web story

After clicking the tab, now amp story-editor is open, and start creating your own amp google story.

![Add new amp web story](/images/post/2022/02/visualStorystoryedito.png" caption="Add new amp web story")

The visual story is free?

It is a free service that anybody created and published their story. Visual stories help monetize your story with Google Absence and earn money.

How to change templates and other settings on the amp web story site?

  1. Go inside dashboard
  2. Go to your blog app (which is approved)
  3. Click Manage section

Change template and settings

How to submit to google webmaster?

The process is more straightforward like another website. You can submit your amp website sitemap in google webmaster. Now your web story is available in the google web story section.

My website sitemap https://stories.officialrajdeepsingh.dev/sitemap.xml

Your sitemap looks like. https://stories.your-domain-name./dev/sitemap.xml

Are earning options available on the visual stories?

Yes, earning option is available on the visual story. Earning option is google AdSense, affiliate links, etc.

Do the Visual stories support other cms?

Yes, visual stories support all types of websites and cms.





The visual story is a greater platform for creating an amp web story for your website. The visual story is a free service for everyone. But earn revenue by selling API.

One thing in the visual story that is bad is the dashboard UI. The dashboard UI is very confusing for a beginner. To understand dashboard UI, you need to spend a little time on the website dashboard.

My AMP web story website with visual stories and config with ghost CMS.


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