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How to install Filezilla in ubuntu?

You Install FileZilla in ubuntu with a single command.

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Filezilla is free and open-source FTP cross-platform. You install Filezilla on every operating system on earth with an open click and a command.

Install Filezilla in ubuntu?

You install Filezilla with a command in ubuntu. Firstly, you update your system.

sudo apt update

After updating, then run Filezilla install command in ubuntu.

sudo apt install -y filezilla

Install Filezilla output in Ubuntu terminal

Now your Filezilla installs in your system.

How to open Filezilla in ubuntu?

There are two ways to open Filezilla in ubuntu

  1. By command line
  2. By Ubuntu UI

By command line

You open a command terminal and write Filezilla, and hit enter your Filezilla app is open.


Open Filezilla

By Ubuntu UI

If you don't like the command, follow the Ubuntu Ui method to open Filezilla. Ubuntu Ui is a straightforward method for opening Filezilla in ubuntu.

open filezilla in ubuntu