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How to install Filezilla in Raspberry pi 4?

You Install Filezilla in raspberry pi 4 with a single command.

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Filezilla is free and open-source FTP cross-platform. You install Filezilla on every operating system on earth with an open click and a command.

Install Filezilla in Raspberry pi 4?

You install Filezilla with a command in Raspberry pi 4. Firstly, you update your system.

sudo apt-get update

Now run the upgrade command in raspberry pi 4.

sudo apt-get upgrade

When your system upgrades successfully, now you install Filezilla in your raspberry pi 4 system.

sudo apt-get install -y filezilla

After This, run successfully in the system. which means Filezilla successfully install success in your raspberry pi 4.

Check Filezilla install in your raspberry. Run the Filezilla command in your raspberry pi 4 terminal.


After running this command successfully in the terminal, in second Filezilla UI interface opens in raspberry pi 4.

open Filezilla

Check filezilla version

filezilla -v

Filezilla version command output

Filezilla help command

filezilla --help

Filezilla help command output