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How to Install Go language in Raspberry pi 4 and Ubuntu?

Go language is a low-level language developed by Google. You can install go language in ubuntu and raspberry pi with one command.

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You install go language in raspberry pi 4, Ubuntu and Linux. The go language installation process is similar for all the Linux distros.

There is two way to install the go language in raspberry pi 4.

  1. Snap
  2. Command-line


With the help of the Snap store, the easy way to install Go language in Raspberry pi 4 and ubuntu.

Simple you paste only one snap command in raspberry pi 4, and your go language install and config path automatics in raspberry pi 4.

sudo snap install go --classic

Install Go language raspberry pi and ubuntu



The command-line provides both armhf and arm binary format of go language. Moreover, the command line utility helps the config everything inside raspberry pi 4 and ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install golang-go

Install go language with apt-get in raspberry pi and ubuntu

Check the go language version in raspberry pi 4 and ubuntu

go version

Check go language version in the terminal

How to remove the go language package?


Remove all the go language configurations and packages in Raspberry pi 4 and ubuntu.

snap remove go

remove go language


Remove or uninstall the go language package with all configuration use of the apt-get command.

sudo apt-get purge golang-go


I hope my article helps you. I'm not the go lang developer.