How to install pycharm in raspberry pi 4?

How to install pycharm in raspberry pi 4?

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Rajdeep Singh

Hey!, Everyone my name is Rajdeep Singh. Welcome again to my new post on Raspberry pi 4.In this post, We Learn How to install Pycharm Community Version On Raspberry pi 4.

Watch This video after following my articles steps


  1. Download
  2. Config


Go to Pycharm official website and download the latest Linux version in your Raspberry pi 4.

Download Pycharm Linux Version


  • Go to the download folder and Select your download File. then the press right-click after selecting the extract here option after your file successfully extract. make sure file extract takes time.
  • Open your Linux Terminal using ctrl+alt+t
  • Go to the Downloads folder using cd Downloads.
cd Downloads

Go to cd Downloads folders

  • paste ls commands inside the Downloads folder

Paste ls command in terminal

  • After you see, your pycharm pycharm-community-2020.3.2 file in the Downloads folder or similar file you see it.
  • Then Move your pycharm file to the pi opt folder. using the mv command
sudo mv pycharm-community-2020.3.2  /opt/pycharm-community-2020.3.2

Paste mv command inside terminal

  • Successfully move the file to the opt folder. then go back using the cd ..
cd ..

Go back in main root folder

  • go to use cd /opt/pycharm-community-2020.3.2/bin command into bin folder.
cd /opt/pycharm-community-2020.3.2/bin

Go to bin folder in raspberry pi 4

  • after run ./ pycharm Script and your pycharm successful install now.

paste command to install pycharm


you always open your pycharm using . / command.this pycharm not be show in your raspberry pi programing folder.

. /