Rajdeep Singh.

How to rename multiple files in vscode (visual studio code)?

Renaming multiple files in vscode is now easier with a plugin.

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Renaming multiple files in vs-code is a very headache. For the small project, you can also do that. Now in the vscode code, it lots easier. To rename multiple, you need a vscode extension that helps to rename multiple files simultaneously.


  1. Install Batch Rename extension
  2. How to use it

Install Batch Rename extension Firstly step is to install batch rename extension in vscode using the following command.

ext install JannisX11.batch-rename-extension

Open VS Code Quick panel (Ctrl+P), paste it, and hit enter.

How to use it?

The use of batch rename extension is easy. First, select those which your rename, then help of right-click open file explorer in vscode and select the batch rename option.

demo of renaming file