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How to Install Ghost CMS On Google Cloud Platform With Bitnami?

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In This Article, We try to Deploy Our Ghost CMS Blog website without any information on GCP. Good News We Don't Write Any Single Code and No Use Command prompt(cmd).


Firstly You Go to Google Cloud Console.

Google console


Create Project

Click Top NavBar DropDown Icon after open New Page.

Create New Project

When Open New Page Click Right Conner Create New Project Icon.

Add Name of Your Project

Click New Project After Open New Project Create Page Add Your Project Name and location. Location Optionally. Fill in Your Project Name, Then Click To create. some Second GCP Create Your project and show notification bar

Go to market Place

Click To Left Top Handbag Icon To Open Navbar Menu and Click To Marketplace Tab.

Search Ghost By Bitnami

When Open marketplace, Then Find Ghost Cms. The help of the Search bar Finds Ghost By Bitnami.

Click launch

Click To Launch Button.

Warning: Make Sure You Read Pricing about Ghost Cms

Ghost Pricing Info

Make sure check pricing check care-full then click on Launch Button

Option Provide By GCP For Ghost CMS

After Click On Launch Button, You See A Deployment Page. Deployment name is Most Import Then Rest of Set default Setting.

Some More Option Provide By GCP For Ghost CMS

http or https Traffic Allow on your Site after click deploy Button. Rest setting set on default

Ghost Pricing And Software Information

Read Basic about Ghost Pricing And Software Information.

Ghost demo blog has been deployed Successful Message

Successful Show deploys Message Then click Site address your website IP address and Admin URL your ghost Cms dashboard URL.Admin user your default user email and Admin password your temp password for your Ghost CMS.

Ghost CMS Website Login Information


Suppose You Follow My article You Definite Launch Your Own Website With Ghost CMS on GCP. If you have Any Problems or Errors, Contact Me. I try to help solve your problem.