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How to Update Ghost CMS in Google Cloud Deploy with Bitnami?

Update ghost CMS is straightforward and fast. Just copy and paste some commands in the GCP SSH terminal.

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My thought update ghost cms are very tricky for a new person. Like me, you are a new or beginner in google cloud and deploy your ghost cms website help of bitnami.

That time you face lots of trouble. You don't not under how to update my ghost cms without any error or problem. WordPress cms update with just one click, but you use the command-line tool to update ghost cms in Ghost CMS.

If you beginner person, you face some afraid to run commands. Sometimes you run the wrong command, lose your blog article data, and face another issue in your ghost blog.

Bitnami and Ghost CMS documentation are excellent. But you are a beginner person you do not understand documentation.

so in this article, I guide you step by step. How to update your ghost CMS without any Error. Just follow me.


  1. Upgrade Ghost 1.X Onwards
  2. Upgrade Ghost From 0.X To 1.X

Upgrade Ghost 1.X Onwards

If your ghost CMS version above into 1.x. then follow these steps

  1. Change User
  2. Create Backup
  3. Update The Ghost-CLI
  4. Finally, update Ghost CMS

Change User

Firstly, go to the google cloud console, open the instance secure ssh shell, and log in as a bitnami user in ghost CMS.

sudo su bitnami

Change the user in GCP

Create Backup

In ghost CMS two ways to create a backup.

  1. Using Dashboard
  2. Using Command-line ( Recommended ways)

Using Dashboard

Login to your ghost CMS dashboard after navigating the “Settings" page and select the " Labs " section and click on the “Export” button. After a few seconds, your backup is starting to download locally.

This backup image not be included. You take image backup also separately. You follow this path and take backup.


You copy or move the images folder/directory to a new instance directory for complete backup.

Using Command-line

Create your backup in ghost using the command line. Follow this article. Choose your operating system and paste commands one by one your backup is created successfully.

Take backup using Dashboard, and your backup is incomplete. in this backup image not be downloaded.

Update The Ghost-CLI

In ghost, you update ghost cms firstly, update your Ghost CLI in your project.

Firstly go to the lib folder in ghost using the cd command.

cd installdir/apps/ghost/lib
sudo npm install ghost-cli

update or install ghost-cli

When you face any warnings related to the package.json file during the update process. these warnings can safely be ignored

That time your npm command fails. You paste the command, and your problem was solved.

sudo mv package.json package.json.back
sudo npm install ghost-cli
sudo mv package.json.back package.json

Finally, update Ghost CMS

Finally, go to the ghost installation directory and execute the ghost update command.

Follow this steps

Step 1

In the step first, you got to the htdoc directory. following this command

cd installdir/apps/ghost/htdocs/

Change directory in ghost cms

Step 2

You go htdoc folder/directory run the ghost update command.

ghost update

Run Ghost update Command

Step 3

Your ghost installation finished. now modify file permissions

cd installdir/apps/ghost
sudo chown bitnami:daemon -R ./htdocs ./conf/ ./bin/
sudo find ./htdocs -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;
sudo find ./htdocs -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;
sudo chmod 640 ./htdocs/config.production.json

Only use sudo if the stack was installed as root.

change file permission after ghost installation Congratulations! Now your ghost cms update.

Error 1 Ghost update Error

bitnami@officialrajjdeepsinghblog-vm:/home/radewala_2/apps/ghost/htdocs$ ghost update
     Checking system Node.js version
     Ensuring user is not logged in as ghost user [skipped]
     Checking if logged in user is directory owner [skipped]
     Checking current folder permissions
     Checking memory availability
     Checking free space
     Checking for available migrations
     Checking for latest Ghost version
    A CliError occurred.
    Message: Unable to update Ghost directly to v4.2.0. You must be on the latest v3.x to update across major versions.
    Help: Run "ghost update v3" to get the latest v3.x version, then run "ghost update" to get to v4.
    Debug Information:
    OS: Debian GNU/Linux, v10
    Node Version: v12.19.0
    Ghost Version: 3.40.2
    Ghost-CLI Version: 1.16.3
    Environment: production
    Command: 'ghost update'
    Additional log info available in: /home/bitnami/.ghost/logs/ghost-cli-debug-2021-04-11T08_49_03_257Z.log
    Try running ghost doctor to check your system for known issues.
    You can always refer to https://ghost.org/docs/ghost-cli/ for troubleshooting.

You face the same error as me. You paste the ghost update v3 command in the terminal. Your error was resolved.


Error 2

Ghost theme warnings

Ghost update time. You face a theme warning message in your terminal. You write y and hit enter. After your ghost installs successfully in GCP. after installing completely. You update the ghost CMS theme manually. Now your error was removed successfully.

If you face any error related to ghost cms, you ask on the ghost official forum. Ghost team and community of people guide you very easily.


Upgrade Ghost From 0.X To 1.X

Suppose you run an ancient 0.x to 1.x version of ghost cms. Now you update ghost cms very easily.

Follow my steps to update your ghost blog with the latest version.

Step 1

In this step, you create a backup using ghost dashboard UI.

Login to your ghost CMS dashboard after navigating the Settings page and select the " Labs " section and click on the “Export” button. After few seconds, your backup is starting to download locally.

backup your ghost cms blog credit by bitnami

Step 2

Launch a brand new Bitnami ghost instance in GCP.

Step 3

Import your backup JSON file in your ghost dashboard.

Go to the settings page. Click to the lab section and click to choose file. After selecting your ghost JSON backup file from your system. then click to import button.

Import your ghost cms Backup JSON file credit by bitnami

Step 4

Copy your image from the old Ghost instance directory to the brand new launch directory.

Your all image save in this directory path


You move the images folder/directory to a new instance directory.


Move to image directory to a new instance in ghost cms

Step 5

Upload your theme in new ghost cms. You just got to the setting page, clicked on the Design tab, and clicked to upload the theme button. Drag your file and click to update. By default, ghost cms provide a Casper theme. Now your ghost CMS fully migrated to the new Ghost Version. Congratulation





The ghost Cms update process is challenging for a beginner person. All ways run these commands. You make sure to take backup of your Ghost CMS using command-line. You take backup use ghost dashboard.

You do not take an image backup. In this backup, you save only post data, and ghost CMS settings and images not be included.