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How to install the Firefox latest Version in Raspberry Pi 4?

Install the fireFox in your Raspberry pi 4 with 2 commands

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Chromium is a default web browser in Raspberry pi 4. chromium is an open-source web browser that reason raspberry pi 4 supports Chromium browsers in raspberry pi 4.

Chrome does not support open-source licenses. It provides proprietary freeware licenses so that raspberry pi gives Chromium support in raspberry pi 4.

Some time or some people use Firebox in daily life, and also most important for developers, the firebox is under the open-source software license distribution.

Install Firefox Browser in Raspbian. let start it: The firefox does not install by default in raspberry pi 4. you use the official firefox package to install firefox-esr very easily. Firstly update your raspberry pi 4.

sudo apt update

After update your package in Raspberry 4. Now you are ready to install firefox on Your Raspberry 4. use this command you install raspberry pi 4.

sudo apt install firefox-esr

Now successfully install Firefox in your Raspberry pi 4. you run your Firefox in Raspberry Pi Menu > Internet > Firefox ESR.

Open firefox-ESR in Raspberry