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How to install VLC Media player in ubuntu?

VLC media is free, open-source software to watch videos on ubuntu and any Linux distro. VLC provides a lot of features of users with an easily understandable UI interface.

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The VLC media player is a free, open-source, cross-platform media player software and streaming media server.

VLC media player developed by the VideoLAN project. The VLC media player is available for all desktop operating systems and mobile platforms.

You use whatever distro in Linux. You install VLC with one command.

There are tons of ways to install a VLC player in Linux. We use only an easy process to install a VLC player in ubuntu.

By Snap store

VLC official support Snap store. Suppose you do not know about the snap store. Snap store a package manager for the Linux distro. You use the snap store to install the Linux package on a cross Linux distro.

Install VLC on Ubuntu bu snap

sudo snap install vlc

Now your VLC media player has been installed successfully in ubuntu.


By Command Line

You use the command line to install a VLC media player for cross Debian-based linux distro.

Install VLC by Two-step

  1. Run system update command
  2. Run VLC install command

Run system update command

Firstly run the update command to update your system with the latest version.

sudo apt update

Run Command to update the ubuntu system

Run VLC install command

After your system is updated, now you run the VLC install command in ubuntu.

sudo apt install vlc

The VLC media player output such as

How to open a VLC media player?

There are three ways to open a Vlc media player in ubuntu. The firstly time, click on the Ubuntu icon.

Click the ubuntu to show the app icon

The first way is to click the show application icon and scroll down and find the VLC media player.

Scroll down and find a VLC media player

The second way is to click the show application icon and search VLC Media player.

Search the VLC media player and open it

The third way is to open the command-line tool and paste the command to open the VLC media player.


Open your VLC media player with the command line