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Is Deno available for Raspberry pi 4?

Deno is helping build the fastest and most secure web application for frontend, and backend developer.deno is available for raspberry pi 4.

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Deno is a secure runtime environment for JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno uses a V8 engine and is built-in with Rust language.

But I'm unfortunate to say; currently, deno( v1.20.3 ) is not available for Raspberry pi 4. you use another method to install deno in your raspberry pi 4.


  1. With installer ( Not Working )
  2. With Rust ( Working )

With installer ( Official Command )

You do not install deno directly with shell, PowerShell, snap cli, and other command-line utilities.

Deno Installation with shell

Most of the time, you install deno on raspberry pi and the config path. In the and you face binary format error.

curl -fsSL https://deno.land/x/install/install.sh | sh

Install Deno in raspberry pi 4

After, I install the deno with an official shell command and run the deno --help command in the terminal. You find a binary format error. That means the deno binary does not support raspberry pi 4.

Deno cannot execute binary file: Exec format error in Raspberry pi

With Rust

The only way is possible to install deno is in raspberry pi 4. which is Rust. You can use rust language to install deno.


  1. Install Rust
  2. Install Deno

Install Rust

Firstly you install the rust language in your raspberry pi 4. For installation, you follow my article on that.


Install Deno

In the second step, you install deno with cargo. Cargo in builtin package manages in rust language.

cargo install deno --locked


  1. Cargo command takes time to install deno. It depends on the internet, RAM, and card speed. According to my case, it takes 30 min to 1 hour because the internet connection is slow In my village.
  2. Your raspberry pi 4 has a 4GB RAM or higher RAM. It is working fine.


After Deno installs successfully with cargo, now you can check the version of deno.

deno --version

Check the Deno version in the raspberry pi terminal

Uninstall deno

cargo uninstall deno

Why do we use Rust to install Deno in raspberry pi 4?

Deno builds with rust language, and happily, Rust supports raspberry pi 4, and deno does not support Raspberry pi binary yet, so you use Rust to install Deno.

Is Deno safe for raspberry pi 4?

Yes, it is safe. Deno works fine in raspberry pi 4.

Which work is safe and the fastest deno or node?

Deno works faster and safest compared to node.js. The nodejs comes with a large file system( node_models folder ), that reason it is not safe for raspberry pi. Raspberry pi is not handled large folders, files. That reason, with nodejs, we do not build large web apps or projects in raspberry pi 4.

With Deno Build large or medium project in Raspberry pi 4?

You build small and medium projects in deno. It is fine in raspberry pi 4. for a large project, and I'm not tested yet. So I can't say anything.





I hope you install deno in raspberry pi 4. If you face any issues and queries, ask in the comment section.

In the future, I will try to start a project with deno, WebAssembly, Rust, and Raspberry pi 4. I try to build a series on that. But I take time and lots of research.

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