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It is possible to create a mobile application in raspberry pi 4?

Yes, it is possible to build a mobile with raspberry pi 4.

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Yes, it is possible and second is not possible. Both terms are true in raspberry pi 4. you do not build direct applications like installing flutter, android studio(Java), react native, and start a mobile app.

I convert my article into two-part to understand the concept.

  1. The direct way to build an application
  2. The indirect way to build an application

The direct way to build an application

In The direct ways, it is impossible to create the mobile application with raspberry pi 4.

because I tried it and I'm Failed. Suppose you try to create a mobile application with android studio. You can do that because the android studio does not support raspberry pi. Android studio is a very large library, and raspberry pi 4 does not handle a large library.

The second popular way to build a mobile app with flutter. React-native and another hybrid framework. I know you can install flutter very easily as compere to react-native. But you cant create a mobile application.

Why is it not possible build to the mobile app directly with Raspberry pi 4?

There is some point which I discuss with you. Why do we do not build a mobile app with raspberry pi 4?

The indirect way to build an application

In indirect ways, you do not install direct packages like flutter and react-native into raspberry pi 4. You use an online cloud base Ide as AWS cloud 9 and google cloud shell to build a mobile app.

Cloud IDE is fine to build a small and medium apps. But building a large and complex app is not possible with Raspberry pi 4.

Which IDE do I Recommend in aws cloud 9 and google cloud shell?

Feature point of view I recommended the cloud 9 IDE. Money and use of easiness I recommended using google cloud shell.

Google Cloud shell is very cheap compared to AWS cloud 9.

Does the online IDE work?

Yes, it works. I build a react-native application with google cloud shell it works fine. But some, time browser is stuck for a second. Otherwise, everything is fine.

In flutter, I'm Running a flutter sample app for testing. It works fine on cloud shell. But I'm not building an app with flutter. Because I'm not a flutter developer. For Running flutter, flutter provides an SDK for Linux. First, config that, Then you run the flutter app on ubuntu. I read

You do not Install Android studio. For that reason, you build only hybrid apps with React-native and flutter.


You build an app for learning purposes in Raspberry. It is fine and works. If you build a large app, Raspberry pi is not the right place.