pwd Command in Linux

pwd Command in Linux

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Rajdeep Singh
pwd command

PWD command full name means of Print Working Directory. It prints the path of the current working directory, starting from the root.

PWD is an environment variable that stores the path of the current working directory.


pwd [options]

PWD command output


all options in the PWD command

  • pwd -L: Use PWD from the environment, even if it contains symbolic links.
  • pwd -P: Avoid all symbolic links.

  • pwd --help: pwd help flag display help page inside your Cmd Tool.

![pwd command --help flag output](/images/post/2021/01/man-hlp-flag.png "pwd command --help flag output" >}}

  • pwd version: Print pwd Command Version.

pwd version flag output

  • man pwd: Read pwd Manual Page Use with -man Command.

pwd command man flag output


pwd command only uses for the print current working directory path.

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