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mkdir Command in Linux

use mkdir creates an empty director inside Linux

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mkdir Command helps create new directories if the directory present already doesn’t create new directories and gives a warning message inside the terminal.


mkdir [OPTION]... DIRECTORY...

mkdir command output

Command Options

mkdir -m=Mode linuxBook-m Option help to assign new permission on creating time (Like in chmod)

Mode Options:

mkdir -m option output

mkdir -p or mkdir --parents -p option does not show an error if the directory exists. Also, the directory that exists then overwrites your directory. Your directory does not exist, then create a new directory.

mkdir -p option output

mkdir -v or mkdir --verbose check working behind mkdir command and print a message in the terminal after each created directory

mkdir -v flag output

mkdir --help display this help and exit

mkdir --help flag output

mkdir --version output mkdir command version information.

mkdir --version flag output

man mkdir print mkdir manual page Information Inside Your Cmd Tool.

man mkdir output"