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How to check the snap store package available for raspberry pi 4 or not?

You can easily check the raspberry pi binary in the snap store without the command line and code.

How to convert a video or image into a GIF in linux?

Convert your images or videos to GIFs with the Rust Gifski tool.

How to install chromium in ubuntu?

Chromium is an open-source web browser for Linux users. you install chromium without the use of a third-party package manager in ubuntu.

How to install deno in linux?

Install deno in linux with easy ways.

How to install Filezilla in ubuntu?

You Install FileZilla in ubuntu with a single command.

How to Install Go language in Raspberry pi 4 and Ubuntu?

Go language is a low-level language developed by Google. You can install go language in ubuntu and raspberry pi with one command.

How to install rust language in raspberry pi 4 and ubuntu?

Install the Rust language in the Linux distros.

Install VLC Media player in Raspberry pi 4

VLC media is free, open-source software to watch videos on raspberry pi 4 and any Linux distro. VLC provides a lot of features of users with an easily understandable UI interface.

How to install VLC Media player in ubuntu?

VLC media is free, open-source software to watch videos on ubuntu and any Linux distro. VLC provides a lot of features of users with an easily understandable UI interface.

Is Deno available for Raspberry pi 4?

Deno is helping build the fastest and most secure web application for frontend, and backend developer.deno is available for raspberry pi 4.

All Keyboard Shortcuts For Linux Terminal?

Linux Keyboard Help To Enhance Your Working Speed Inside Command Tool

Linux Basic Introduction

This Article Part Of My Linux Series. In This Series, I try to Cover Lots of commands. If You are Beginner and Interested To Learn Linux Commands. Then follow it.

Ls command in Linux

ls command mostly usable command in Linux. ls command tells us all the presenting files in the directory.

mkdir Command in Linux

use mkdir creates an empty director inside Linux

pwd Command in Linux

The pwd command prints the current working directory in Linux.

Six trusted places where you Buy Linux laptops

Linux manufacturers and distro show a major role in promoting Linux. Now Linux distro also targets beginner people with greater Ui. Various manufacturers target, These Distro and build Linux hardware for them.

Test internet speed in ubuntu and raspberry pi 4 with CLI tool

You use Google to check whether the internet is working or not. Right now your life is changing you run a simple command to check internet speed on Ubuntu and Raspberry pi 4.

The Best 5 IDE for Raspberry pi 4 in 2022

Start frontend development with Raspberry pi 4 with IDE.

Top 3 ways: convert your programming code into a beautiful image

Lots of time, you see beautiful code images on youtube and blogs. Right now, we have learned how to create beautiful images with my code freely.

what is man command in linux?

Man Command help to Read Manual Page Inside the Terminal.

What is the Linux tree command, and how is it used?

Tree command show contents of directories in tree format structure.

Why I Switched to Neovim from VSCode and how did you configure Neovim?

A detailed guideline on why you switch VScode and How to install neovim, customization, and configuration.