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Six trusted places where you Buy Linux laptops

Linux manufacturers and distro show a major role in promoting Linux. Now Linux distro also targets beginner people with greater Ui. Various manufacturers target, These Distro and build Linux hardware for them.

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There are so many manufacturers to build Linux custom laptops for clients. In recent years Linux operating system has grown on the boom.

I do not need to explain why we need Linux operating system, why we use Linux to deploy small and big websites on the cloud.

On an E-commerce website, Sellers does not list official Linux hardware built for Linux. Because the seller does not manufacture are of Linux laptops, Mini PC, and PC. Therefore, the Linux market is tiny as compared to window and mac os.

There are many reasons why people do not use Linux daily basis. They are using windows and mac os daily. Because Windows and c target everyone and Linux target professional people with basic knowledge of computers and commands.

That is why most companies build Windows operating systems, and few build Linux hardware and Linux distros.

Window and mac os does not directly support Linux. You use tools and software to install and use Linux distro on it.

Linux is a tiny size and open-source kernel. That reason, there are so many manufacturers to build Linux laptops and Linux distros for professionals. The new Linux distro is user-friendly, and new people also use it in daily life.

In the post, we discuss some major Linux manufacturers to build Linux laptops and sell them worldwide. Maybe they sell Linux hardware in a few countries.

Let's start


System76 is an American computer manufacturer startup working with Linux distro. system76 provides various ranges of laptops, servers, and desktops for the client.

System76 provides 30-day many back guarantees on every product. System76 provides two distro Pop!_OS and Ubuntu.

Oryx Pro Linux laptop by system76

System76 supports 63 countries. If your country is on be listed, make sure to connect with the system76 team. Then place your order. read shipment details



Purism is an American-based company and registered in the state of Washington.

Purism manufactures the Linux laptop, desktop, and servers. Purism also sells mobile phones based on the Linux distro.

Librem 14 Linux laptop by purism

Purism is a worldwide shipment of products. Purism provides only one Linux distro that is PureOS. If you like other distros, Purism is not for you. read shipment details



Slimbook is Spain based company and was born in 2015. Slimbook company part of the Ordin group. The ordin group was founded slimbook company more than ten years ago. Slimbook provides desktop, laptop, mini PC, and servers for clients. Slimbook also supports custom laptop configurations.

Slimbook offers ubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Linux Mint, Manjaro, KDE Neon, Fedora, Window (Home and Pro), and Zorin OS.

Essential 15 Linux laptop by Slimbook

The Slimbook company ships laptop, desktops, and PC all over the country. But slimbook charges 120 € extra for another country. According to slimbook, additional shipment charges are higher according to your country. read shipment details

Tuxedo computers

Tuxedo computers are a german based company that builds Linux-based solutions and manufacturers. It is more focusing on Germany and other European countries.

Tuxedo computers support various Linux distros like Tuxedo os, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.

InfinityBook S Linux laptop by tuxedo

Tuxedo sends products all country. Europe provides free shipping, and International Shipping tuxedos charge extra money for ship products. You read tuxedo shipment cost.


Laptop with Linux

Laptop with Linux, a website run by Comexr B.V. the Comexr B.V. is a computer supplier company from the Netherlands. The company aims for three core values freedom of choice, transparency, and privacy. The company has two products first laptops and the second are mini computers.

It offers all major Linux distro for clients. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Manjaro, Debian, Xubuntu, and Kali Linux.

Clevo Linux laptop with Linux

Laptops with Linux ship products all around the world. But make sure shipment charges different country to country. read shipments detail



Entroware is UK based supplier of Linux-powered Laptops, Desktops, and Servers. Entroware main focus is Ubuntu Linux-based computing solutions and services for our clients. As a result, it is manufacturing only Ubuntu-powered Desktops, Laptops, and Servers.

Apollo Linux laptop by Entroware

Entroware does not work worldwide. It is working only in selected countries. read shipment details


There are other companies and startups manufacturers that build Linux laptops, desktops, and mini PC. In This Time, many distro and manufacturers are working with Linux. These manufacturers and distro work together, build Linux hardware, software to raise the Linux eco-system.

Every Linux manufacturers work fantastically. If you buy a Linux laptop, you make sure. you follow three main points before buying any Linux laptops and ask yourself:-

  1. There are many manufacturers to build custom laptops for you. But make sure they provide services in your country.
  2. Custom duty change and different each country, make sure you confirm manufacturers and research before buying a laptop.
  3. The manufacturer provides any customer support services for a client. If you face any trouble with the hardware and software, they find and solve it.

If you are Indian like me and you also buy a Linux laptop. Firstly contact manufacturers and confirm my three-point before purchasing a computer.

Right now, India does not have a company or startup to build custom laptops with Linux. So if you buy a Linux laptop, I highly recommend you build your PC.

You try to buy a Linux laptop out of the country in India. However, for Indians, it is costly because with Indian custom duty product prices is extra high. so I recommend you build your PC.

I'm only selecting those companies based on reviews and services. If you are interested to learn all companies. then read the following articles also:-