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what is man command in linux?

Man Command help to Read Manual Page Inside the Terminal.

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Man Command Provide the user manual Interface. This Interface Help To Read Manual Page references of Any Command Inside Your Terminal.


man [OPTION]... [COMMANDS]...


man ls


Output in your cmd Tool


man -w

This Flag Doesn’t display any manual pages but prints the locations Of Command, Which Place Save Inside Your Laptop.

Output man Command result

man -f or man --whatis

This Flag Show You a short description from the manual page if a Description is available.

Output man Command option result

man man

this way, You Read also man Command Manual Page Information.

man Command Output

man --help

This Flag Provides You help page document About man Command.

man Command Output with --help flag

man --usage

This Flag gives you a short usage message about the Command.

man Command Output with --usage flag

man -V or man --version

This Flag print man Command version In You Terminal.

man command output version